Local Displays

  • Bazillion Lights – Livonia, MI (near Detroit).  Gary Slater’s Bazillion Lights is another synchronized Christmas display in Livonia, with 50,000 lights synchronized to music.  He has a moving Santa Claus on the roof, snowball fight going over the street, leaping arches, and his entire house covered in lights.  Highly recommended.
  • Hearns Christmas – Macomb, MI (near Detroit).  A colorful Christmas synchronized display.
  • Southfield Christmas – a synchronized light display in Ortonville, MI.
  • Our Dancing Lights – Auburn Hills, MI (close to Detroit).  A beautiful synchronized display consisting of mostly LED’s (Light Emitting Diodes). 
  • My Light Show A beautiful synchronized Christmas light show in Waterford, Michigan with over 40,000 lights. 

Christmas Display Directories

  • Christmas Light Finder – A Christmas light display directory with hundreds of homes listed.  Use this website to find Christmas displays in your area.

Technical Links

  • XLights – The software used to synchronize the lights to the music. 
  • Planet Christmas – an invaluable resource for Christmas lighting enthusiasts around the world.  Includes a forum, hundreds of Christmas decorating pictures, articles, how-to’s, a bi-annual Christmas lighting convention, and much more!  If you are a Christmas lighting enthusiast, you simply MUST check this out.
  • ChristmasLights.Ca – a place for Canadian Christmas lighting enthusiasts to gather and talk about Christmas lights

Other Crazy Christmas Displays

  • Christmas Wonders – Kessemie, FL (near Orlando, Florida).  A very well-crafted Christmas display with a beautiful mega tree, lighted palm trees, a nativity, rope light outlining the driveway and more.  Another winner of the PlanetChristmas worldwide decorating contest.
  • Lights on Display – Sherman Oaks, CA (near Los Angeles).  Lights on Display is a very innovative synchronized display that incorporates video along with synchronized Christmas lights to create a spectacular Christmas light show.

More Displays to Check Out (Around the Country & the World)

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